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What Must your Organisation Comply with?

Many people ask us what their organisation must comply with. What is voluntary and what is mandatory. Organisations must comply with all applicable laws. So for example, you must comply with RICA, GDPR, POPIA, the Consumer Protection Act - but [...]

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Get the King III Report and Code

The King III Report for Corporate Governance for South Africa and the Code of Governance Principles (King III or King 3) were released on 1 September 2009. A draft of King III was previously published for comment.  The comments have [...]

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IT Governance introduced into King III

It is interesting that IT governance is dealt with in various parts of King III™. IT Governance in the King III Code Under the heading "New Issues in the Report" on page 14. The governance of information technology is dealt [...]

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King 3 published for Comment

The Draft Report for Corporate Governance for South Africa (King III or King 3) and the Draft Code of Governance Principles were released for comment on 25 February 2009. Comment should be submitted before 25 April 2009. The practice notes [...]

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An ADR Clause to include in Contracts

We have always recommended including an alternative dispute resolution clause (ADR clause) in contracts, especially when it comes to IT Contracts. It is usually better not to resolve disputes of a technical nature through the South African courts. The report [...]

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