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Living Wills

Living wills are documents that state the health treatment you want to receive once you are unable to tell doctors what you want. The idea behind living wills is that they ensure that your views are clear for doctors and [...]

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Top Five Legal Issues Writers Face

When it comes to legal issues writers face, the challenges may differ according to the category each writer falls into. Academic writers, for example, may face completely different legal issues compared to novelists and poets. The one thing that is certain [...]

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We need Simple Law!

I believe we need Simple Law in all countries, but especially South Africa. We need a few laws in plain language that people understand and know, and then comply with. Complex Law is the current reality We currently have too [...]

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Legal Documents in Plain Language

All legal documents should be in plain language. We all enter into agreements regularly, whether it is a negotiated agreement or a retailer's standard terms and conditions. Most of the time, people do not understand many (or even most) of [...]

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The Benefits of Plain Legal Language

We believe we need SimpleLaw and plain legal language is a large part of that. We have to change horrible documents into beautiful documents in plain legal language. We can help you to use plain language in your organization. What are [...]

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Plain Legal Documents – some quick wins

When converting legal documents into plain language (or plain legal documents) there are some quick wins - some easy changes that you can make that make a big difference.  Converting a legal document into plain language takes time, but these [...]

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Why YOU need to use Plain English

Plain English is the future. But some people still question whether to use plain English for legal documents. We weigh up the risks of using plain English vs the risks of not using plain English and come to the conclusion [...]

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Alternative Dispute Resolution clause

In a previous article we wrote about how the draft King Report recommended that an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause be incorporated in all contracts.  They recommended a clause, which we then converted into plain language.  We were delighted to [...]

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Legislation that requires Plain Language

There are many pieces of legislation in South Africa that require the use of plain legal language. In this article we focus on legislation that requires plain language communications. In our experience, people either don't know or tend to ignore [...]

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An ADR clause to Include in Contracts

We have always recommended including an alternative dispute resolution clause (ADR clause) in contracts, especially when it comes to technology-related agreements. It is usually better not to resolve disputes of a technical nature through the South African courts. In the Draft [...]

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