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Fictional character – Protection through image trademarks?

How can you protect fictional characters from exploitation? Considering the potential brand value that fictional characters have for creators in video games and books, the following questions spring to mind: Does copyright provide an appropriate level of protection? What else [...]

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You are in discussions with a potential investor, a potential joint venture partner, licensee or distributor of your intellectual property.  Protecting your intellectual property is critical.  Can you trust them?  Will they walk away with your intellectual property?  How do [...]

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Why Have an Intellectual Property Strategy?

Do you have a robust intellectual property strategy?  And why does it matter?  Intellectual property is one of the key assets of an organisation.  It is becoming of ever-increasing importance in this digital world where ideas and information can be accessed, [...]

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Top Five Legal Issues Writers Face

When it comes to legal issues writers face, the challenges may differ according to the category each writer falls into. Academic writers, for example, may face completely different legal issues compared to novelists and poets. The one thing that is certain [...]

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What is Intellectual Property or IP?

Intellectual property or IP is property created by someone's mind or intellect the mind, including literary and artistic works, inventions, designs, symbols, names and images. We often have to help clients understand intellectual property, come up with an intellectual property strategy, [...]

Who owns the copyright in website posts?

A common issue nowadays is who owns the copyright in content posted to website posts or blogs - content in the form of text, visual images or the like, where a website allows this sort of participation by users. We [...]

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Employer v Employee: who owns that copyright?

Your employee develops software for his own use as a way improve his work performance, or for use by the employer. Who owns the copyright in the software? At a first glance, the answer seems obvious: The Copyright Act 98 of [...]

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Liability for online content mistakes

When would a website provider be liable for mistakes in information which it provides online?  Can it avoid that liability? The general principle is that a website provider must ensure that the content on the website is accurate and will [...]

Copying from online databases without consent

If a website provider includes databases on its site, can it stop other people from using or reproducing data from those databases? Yes. A database is protected as a literary work under the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 whilst computer [...]

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