Makate v Vodacom – the 5 minute speedread

The ‘David v Goliath’ saga of Makate v Vodacom, which proceeded all the way up to the Constitutional Court, highlighted the risks organisations face if they fail to properly address the ownership and commercialisation of potentially lucrative ideas created by their employees. Key take-away’s of Makate [...]

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3D Printing Law – What is illegal?

3D printing law is a collective term for the areas of law that are likely to be impacted by the technology of the moment - 3D printing. Already 3D printers have been used to make customised prosthetic limbs, surgical implants, [...]

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What makes up Intellectual Property

When we draft contracts, we are often asked to "make sure that we own the intellectual property (IP)" or "please protect our intellectual property".  It can be hard to identify exactly what the intellectual property is. As we now live in [...]

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