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Copyright Amendment Bill Summary

The Copyright Amendment Bill is a hotly debated document and the most recent edition was released in 2017. It’s rather confusing, and there are many different interpretations of the changes that are in it. We have created a Copyright Amendment [...]

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Copyright Amendment Bill Submissions

Last week Parliament heard the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions by members of the public. We were in Parliament to hear the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions and get all the latest insight from various stakeholders on the Bill. The sessions were [...]

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Freedom of expression news: data protection balancing act

As data protection law develops, it frequently comes into conflict with freedom of expression. The right to privacy (like data protection) and freedom of expression are in a precarious balancing act and need to be handled carefully. The latest freedom [...]

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Information Technology Act or IT Act: Data Protection in India

With a population of 1.3 billion people and a Gross Domestic Product of 2.6 trillion US Dollars, India is a market rich in data, personal and private information. Data protection in India is important because many organisations have a global [...]

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Hate Bill or Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill

The Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill or Hate Bill is a new draft Bill from Parliament. The Hate Bill criminalises hates crimes and hate speech. We all need to take notice of Hate Crimes and [...]

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Good Governance helps the Poor

Good governance is critical in the development of an economy which benefits all sectors of society. In particular, good governance helps the poorest people in society. All organisational governing bodies should practice it if they want to be responsible, productive [...]

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Legal Resources should be Accessible to Everyone

We believe strongly that everyone should have access to legal resources in their country. If people have access to legal resources like legislation and case law, they will be empowered to engage with the things that really affect them: the [...]

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