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Information Security Team: Your task force for securing information and responding to incidents

A group of people working together can achieve a goal more quickly and effectively that one person working alone. Information security law compliance is difficult and requires an information security team of people to do it properly. Your team should [...]

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Information has Value – Secure it the right way

Information has value for a number of reasons, and it is important to secure information. Doing this the right way should be one of your top priorities. If you don’t secure it the right way, you risk infringing the rights [...]

Information Security Laws or Privacy Laws – What is appropriate security?

Information security laws (many of which are also privacy laws) across the globe require you to secure the personal data that you process. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom, and the [...]

Information Technology Act or IT Act: Data Protection in India

With a population of 1.3 billion people and a Gross Domestic Product of 2.6 trillion US Dollars, India is a market rich in data, personal and private information. Data protection in India is important because many organisations have a global [...]

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Appointment of the Information Regulator for POPI and PAIA

Today, 7 September 2016,  the South African National Assembly voted in favour of the appointment of the Information Regulator for POPI and PAIA. Parliament voted for the five nominated candidates to run the newly-formed office of the Information Regulator. This is not [...]

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“Fraudulent” access to an IT system containing unprotected public data

Is it an offence to access data that is freely available on the Internet? Many of us would think that it isn’t if the data is accessible by the public. Can a person use public data (that may include public [...]

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PCI DSS Compliance

Interested in PCI DSS compliance? Do you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)? A merchant, service provider or bank that processes any cardholder data, needs to know about PCI DSS and what is means [...]

Electronic signatures and cryptography

Digital signatures, digital certificates, and advanced electronic signatures are all types of electronic signatures that use cryptography to authenticate the identity of the person signing and to secure their electronic signature. They are all very reliable, but they each have [...]

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Cryptography laws in South Africa

What is cryptography? Wikipedia defines "cryptography" as "the practice and study of hiding information". Where a document or communication has been encrypted, the act of encrypting serves several purposes? To: establish its authenticity; prevent its undetected modification; prevent its repudiation [...]

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Forensic IT and the Law

Forensic IT and computer forensics is big business. There are now many forensic investigators. Especially because most business documents are created electronically nowadays. The need for electronic evidence is not confined to obvious cybercrime events such as hacking, fraud and [...]

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