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Electronic signatures and cryptography

Digital signatures, digital certificates, and advanced electronic signatures are all types of electronic signatures that use cryptography to authenticate the identity of the person signing and to secure their electronic signature. They are all very reliable, but they each have [...]

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Do you need to register as a Cryptography Provider?

You need to register as a cryptography provider if you provide encryption-related products and services or electronic-signature-related offerings. Cryptography and encryption present a challenge to security-conscious governments in that it allows you to conceal your message content from the authorities. [...]

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IT Security Podcast

This IT Security Pubcast focuses on matters of information security and risk in South Africa. Part 1: 00:00:00 - 00:11:34 - 1.4MB Speakers are introduced (including Helaine Leggat from Michalsons) and they discuss an issue they faced involving a leak [...]

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