IT Security Podcast

//IT Security Podcast

This IT Security Pubcast focuses on matters of information security and risk in South Africa.

Part 1: 00:00:00 – 00:11:34 – 1.4MB

Speakers are introduced (including Helaine Leggat from Michalsons) and they discuss an issue they faced involving a leak of confidential information, how they exposed the weakness in the security system which caused the leak and ways to resolve information leaks.


Part 2: 00:11:35 – 00:31:23 – 2.4MB

The speakers introduces the concept known as cryptography and explain the true meaning of the concept. They further introduce some principles of cryptography, examples of cryptography and four basic tenants of cryptography.


Part 3: 00:31:24 – 01:03:33 – 3.8MB

Helaine Leggat speaks on the many legislative acts, and the tackles complications of the many acts and laws all concerning the information environment. There are also questions and answers about the extent to which certain laws are implemented and their risks pertaining to the information environment.

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