Copyright Amendment Bill Summary

//Copyright Amendment Bill Summary

The Copyright Amendment Bill is a hotly debated document and the most recent edition was released in 2017. It’s rather confusing, and there are many different interpretations of the changes that are in it. We have created a Copyright Amendment Bill summary of the changes that this Bill makes to the Copyright Act of 1978. In our Copyright Amendment Bill summary, we analyse the significant changes to the Copyright Act and create a personalised, insightful risk analysis of these changes to your business.

Why do I need to know what is in the Copyright Amendment Bill?

Copyright is form of intellectual property protection that applies to a vast number of works such as books, music, art and software. It is the one of the most inclusive and broad spectrum forms of intellectual property protection. It automatically arises on the creation of a work. So, if you organisation has any interaction with literature, music, art, films, media or software (to name a few!) then you need to know what your copyright rights and obligations are. Our Copyright Amendment Bill summary will explain all the changes to your rights and obligations.

We have summarised everything you need to know

The Copyright Amendment Bill is aimed at promoting the economic interests of creators of works whilst accommodating changing technology. The Copyright Amendment Bill also has increased the scope of fair use with specific emphasis on educational uses. It has also created provision relating to the availability of accessible formats for people with disabilities. This is an example of some of the changes in the Bill and reflected in our Copyright Amendment Summary. All of these changes come with significant obligations for people who are using copyrighted work or for copyright owners (like organisations who have purchased the intellectual property rights).

Why do I need a Copyright Amendment Bill summary?

It is essential that if your organisation wants to use copyrighted work lawfully that you know and understand the new obligations and provisions of the Copyright Amendment Bill. The Bill can be fairly impenetrable and difficult to understand. So, we have created a clear and helpful Copyright Amendment Bill summary. This summary will be tailored to your organisation which provides insights into the specific risks to your organisation posed by each new section of the Bill.

Actions you can take

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