Protecting Your Intellectual Property

//Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You are in discussions with a potential investor, a potential joint venture partner, licensee or distributor of your intellectual property.  Protecting your intellectual property is critical.  Can you trust them?  Will they walk away with your intellectual property?  How do you protect yourself?

Protecting your intellectual property:


  • Ensure all parties sign a confidentiality agreement before any meeting
  • Where feasible and appropriate, secure protection for your intellectual property prior to any meeting
  • Produce an agenda setting out key discussion points
  • Know who is attending the meeting
  • Keep meeting minutes
  • Follow up meetings with a short email summarising the discussions, key action points and agreed positions
  • Include confidentiality and copyright notices on all documents shared at the meeting
  • Only circulate documents in pdf format

During your engagement

Now you have agreed to work together:

  • Ring fence who will receive documents and information regarding your intellectual property
  • Ensure you have appropriate access control measures in place
  • Keep records and copies of all documents and information you disclose
  • Password protect and encrypt sensitive or confidential documents and information
  • Ensure proper contractual agreements are in place to secure your ownership and protection of your intellectual property


  • Ensure, where relevant, all newly developed intellectual property is properly protected


When the relationship comes to an end …

  • Ensure confidential documents and information regarding your intellectual property are returned to you or destroyed
  • Ensure copies of any intellectual property developed during the engagement is delivered to you
  • Store all documents, meeting notes etc securely

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