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Do you want to assign, transfer or sell intellectual property, like copyright to software, to someone else? To do this you need to conclude an Assignment of Intellectual Property or Copyright Assignment Agreement. It can only be transferred in writing.

Intellectual property can include copyright, patents, inventions, or trademarks. This agreement can also be used to externalise IP or export it from South Africa to another country.

Who is the Copyright Assignment suitable for?

The owner or “purchaser” of any intellectual property. You could be a publisher who needs to re-assign copyright back to a writer. You could also be an owner of copyright in source code wanting to assign that copyright to an app-developer. The agreement would be suitable for all those different needs.

What you get?

The agreement will be:

We will answer your questions and ensure that you do it correctly. If you

What is the process?

  1. We will ask you various questions and gather the necessary information.
  2. We create the necessary document customised for you. You review and approve it.
  3. We send you a final version of the agreement and the relevant people sign them.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.