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How to approach social media policies successfully

Are you looking for a Social Media Policy? Are Social Media Policies worth it? Wikipedia defines social media as “media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to [...]

Where there is a Digital Will there’s a way

You need to have a digital will and testament. Nobody likes to think about their last will and testament but the reality is that your will is probably the single most important financial document you will ever sign. It is [...]

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The Difference between Appendices, Annexures and Schedules

What is the difference between a schedule and annexure? Not much. Our preferred view is to refer to an appendix, annexure or addendum as an ‘attachment’, and make it clear from the wording in the agreement whether it is intended [...]

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Plain legal documents – some quick wins

When converting legal documents into plain language (or plain legal documents) there are some quick wins - some easy changes that you can make that make a big difference.  Converting a legal document into plain language takes time, but [...]

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Legal disclosures required in email and social media disclaimers

We are often asked what legal disclosures does the law require us to include in our email disclaimer - the legal content often found in the footer (at the foot) of an email or on a website (also commonly referred [...]

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When the CPA applies to some customers, but not others

When asked to convert legal documents to ensure that they are compliant with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and its regulations sometimes a difficult situation arises: what happens if the CPA would only apply to some of your customers, but [...]

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How to Deal with an Unfair Agreement

Have you been presented with an unfair agreement (like an IT Contract or a commercial lease agreement) to sign by a vendor, service provider or landlord? For example, when you license software, procure cloud storage, buy hardware, rent premises, rent [...]

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When a ‘contract’ is not a contract

We often get asked to review a document which looks like a contract and contains legalistic words, but, on closer analysis, is not one. What is a contract? A contract is an agreement between two or more people or organisations [...]

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When a perfect legal agreement isn’t perfect for you

Creating the perfect legal agreement in terms of law is not always the sought after or perfect solution. When drafting an agreement, what is most critical for me is that the person drafting the agreement gets a solid grasp of [...]

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