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This is NOT what I signed up for – a survival guide for first-time managers

I’m the managing attorney at Michalsons, which means that I manage the other attorneys in the office. I still practice as an attorney some of the time, but most of my time is spent managing other attorneys. It’s a tricky [...]

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Respectful Policies and Directives Book

As a lawyer, I’ve encountered many policies over many years. I’ve read, reviewed, interpreted and drafted them. I now realise that they were almost all horrible. I’ve seen the light and woken up to a whole new world. The light [...]

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Robot Law Book – a Comparative Handbook

Are you looking for a robot law book or guide? Do you want to find out what the laws are that relate to robots in all the countries of the world? Robot Law Book We have contributed to a Comparative Handbook [...]

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Review of a Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act

A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act is a good legal textbook that lawyers and law students will find useful in raising their awareness about this very important topic that is about to become a big deal in [...]

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A Pro-Poor Legal Practice Book for all Lawyers

The Pro-Poor Legal Practice book is a valuable resource for lawyers from all corners of the legal profession, drafters of laws, and even law students, legal secretaries, and government officials. The book connects all these different persons by highlighting the difference [...]

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Access to Information Book

The access to information book was published by LexisNexis in May 2016. The book is written by Ronée Michelle Robinson. Access to information is based on the right to access to information in South Africa.  The book focuses on the [...]

Global Privacy and Data Protection Book

Are you looking for a Data Protection Book? There are many countries that have privacy, data protection and security laws. It can be very confusing to find all of them and compare them. All the relevant information is not available on [...]

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Information and Communications Technology Law Book

Information and Communications Technology Law is a  book recently published by LexisNexis in 2016 dealing with South African law on the topic. It is written by DP van der Merwe, A Roos, T Pistorius, GTS Eiselen and SS Nel.  It is [...]

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