Information and Communications Technology Law Book

//Information and Communications Technology Law Book

Information and Communications Technology Law is a  book recently published by LexisNexis in 2016 dealing with South African law on the topic. It is written by DP van der Merwe, A Roos, T Pistorius, GTS Eiselen and SS Nel.  It is the second edition following their 2008 release of the first edition. We’re excited about its release because we found the first edition very useful. Note the yellow sticky notes pasted throughout (and the dog-eared pages of) our copy in the office. We were one of the first offices to get a copy of the second edition and read it cover to cover.

What does it cover?

The intersection of the law, and information and communication technology. It deals with Information Technology Law and Communication Technology Law. Topics like:

At 637 pages, it  comes with an interesting introduction, a bibliography, table of case and statutes and an index. It truly does come to some interesting conclusions.

Is it Information and Communications Technology Law?

Reading the title, it is easy to think that this may be what ICT Law stands for, but we have a different view. When people hear the words “Information and Communications Technology Law” different questions probably come into their minds. What is it? What are its implications? One of the ways we answer those questions is to make it clear that for us, ICT Law stands for Information, Communications and Technology Law. Looked at in this way, a broad number of topics are covered, including how the technology used to communicate or access information, is regulated. Basically, when discussing this topic information law and communications law must come into the discussion. The focus cannot only be on technology and how it relates to information and communication.

Who should read this book?

Lawyers, judges, advocates, attorneys, law lecturers and law students will find this book very useful. But it is not for non-legal people or people looking for easily-explained practical legal solutions to apply to their legal problems.

If you are in-house legal counsel or a business owner you are not going to find practical solutions to your problems.

The Information and Communications Technology Law Book can safely be called an academic text. It contains lots of legal information, but it is not insightful or practical. It does not contain legal advice or guidance. Instead, Michalsons comes in to fill the gap and do what the book cannot do. We bring you solutions tailor-made for your specific problems by applying our knowledge, experience and skill. We:

  • provide practical guides that explain these laws and how they relate to your needs,
  • raise awareness through executive briefings, presentations and workshops,
  • implement the changes you need to make,
  • draft documents for you.

How do you get a copy?

You can get your copy from the LexisNexis online store and from various other booksellers. We are not aware of an ebook version of the book.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.

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