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Electronic communications regulation is important on various levels. The use of electronic communications (like mail, email or SMS) needs to be regulated. And the providers (services providers or operators) of electronic communications networks need to be regulated. This is often referred to telecommunications law. Our team (together with people with whom we partner) have deep skills in the laws, rules, codes and standards that relate to electronic communications. We have world class credentials.

The Use of Electronic Communications

Electronic communications take many forms:

  • electronic voice communications, VOIP,
  • electronic mail (or email), texts, SMS, OTT services like WhatsApp, faxes,
  • electronic registered mail, registered post, eRegistered post or certified post,
  • social media messages.

We can help you with Electronic Communications Regulations

We can help you:

Regulation of Networks

We can help you:

  • Limit your liability as an intermediary,
  • comply with laws (like the Electronic Communications Act),
  • with mobile and fixed line interconnect,
  • with International undersea cables,
  • with WASP agreements,
  • with Premium Rated SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and WAP rollouts,
  • obtain an Electronic Communications Network Service (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Service (ECS) licensing,
  • Numbering plans,
  • Spectrum use.


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