This is NOT what I signed up for – a survival guide for first-time managers

//This is NOT what I signed up for – a survival guide for first-time managers

I’m the managing attorney at Michalsons, which means that I manage the other attorneys in the office. I still practice as an attorney some of the time, but most of my time is spent managing other attorneys. It’s a tricky thing to do and I’ve learnt a lot about how to do it over the years. It’s challenging being an attorney in private legal practice – keeping up-to-date with the law, finding work, doing the work, and managing client relationships. And it’s even harder managing other attorneys doing those things. But I get a lot of enjoyment out of developing the career of others.

A survival guide

This is what attracted me to Ross’ book and I really wish I have read it ten years ago. A survival guide would have helped me tremendously when I started managing attorneys in about 2009. Reading the “This is NOT what I signed up for” book, I found many things I now know but had not yet verbalised. Reading Ross’ stories and the issues put into words has helped me crystallise the lessons.

There were also many things that I have not yet learnt or encountered. I read them with interest and made plenty of mental notes. The book is an easy read and because of the stories, it carries you along.

What does it cover?

It deals with critical topics, like:

  • Communicating and listening,
  • Managing your time,
  • Delegation and performance management, and
  • Conflict.

I’ve implemented many of his suggestions with positive results. Thanks, Ross and I recommend this book to any first-time manager. If you’ve just started managing someone else doing some work, you’ll find it very useful.

Where you can buy the This is NOT what I signed up for Book

You can buy it on its website.

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