Robot Law Book – a Comparative Handbook

//Robot Law Book – a Comparative Handbook

Are you looking for a robot law book or guide? Do you want to find out what the laws are that relate to robots in all the countries of the world?

Robot Law Book

We have contributed to a Comparative Handbook on Robotic Technologies Law as part of the Lexing Network. Robotics truly is a global issue and it is important to consider the laws in all countries, rather than just one country. Even though robot law is an emerging specialist area, you will be surprised by how much law already exists dealing with this topic. More laws need to be passed, but many existing laws can be applied. Some countries like South Africa have also passed detailed specific laws for drones (being a kind of robot).

The book offers a diverse overview of robot law in more than 15 countries across the world. Members of the Lexing Network have contributed to the book by providing insight into the issues arising in their countries, and how their laws deal with them. The book was published in June 2016 and can be purchased online from Lacier. You can purchase it in either physical form or as an ebook.

How you benefit

  • Know your legal responsibilities
  • Get an overview of robot law
  • Know what practical actions to take to comply effectively

Who should read a Robot Law Book

  • Designers and manufacturers – to manufacture legally-compliant robots
  • Roboticists – to use them in accordance with the law
  • Law Makers – to make good laws about robots
  • Legal advisors (corporate lawyers or in-house lawyers) – to provide good legal advice on robots
  • Lawyers – to solve legal problems
  • Military – to use robots lawfully


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In addition to the Comparative Handbook on Robotic Technologies Law, a few other books have been published dealing with the topic of Robot Law.

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