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Map of Global Privacy Laws

We've found a very useful map of Privacy Laws around the world created by David Banisar. There are over 100 countries with data protection laws. It was updated in 2018 so it is reasonably up-to-date. The Map of Global Privacy Laws and [...]

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Global Privacy and Data Protection Book

Are you looking for a Data Protection Book? There are many countries that have privacy, data protection and security laws. It can be very confusing to find all of them and compare them. All the relevant information is not available on [...]

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Privacy law fast tracked

The passing of South Africa's privacy law - the Protection of Personal Information Bill - has been fast tracked. The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development invites stakeholders and interested persons to submit written submissions on the Protection of [...]

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Link between Monitoring and Privacy in South Africa

There is direct link between the concepts of monitoring and privacy. The two need to be balanced and the right to privacy is not an absolute right and can be limited by invoking the general "limitation clause" in section 36 of [...]

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