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Map of Global Privacy Laws

We've found a very useful map of Privacy Laws around the world created by David Banisar. There are over 100 countries with data protection laws. It was updated in 2018 so it is reasonably up-to-date. The Map of Global Privacy Laws and [...]

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South African ICT Regulatory Hype Cycle

In 2005 we developed the South African ICT Regulatory Hype Cycle for an insurance company with Gartner. A hype cycle is a graphic representation of the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies. The term was coined by Gartner. [...]

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Map of International Crypto and Encryption Laws

We found this International Crypto laws and regulations map captured from several sources. It is interesting to see how Google Maps has been used to help people find cryptography laws in different jurisdictions. One interesting thing to note is just [...]

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