Get an overview of a law

//Get an overview of a law

People often ask us to provide an overview of a law – the big picture. It is often very difficult to do this effectively. Recently we found a great web based tool called Wordle. Wordle enables you to create word clouds. A word cloud is like a tag cloud in that it gives you a visual depiction of a document. The size of each word depends on the number of times that the word appears in the document. So when you are looking at a word cloud you are actually seeing the whole document before you. An overview or the big picture.

For example, the word cloud on the right is of the Protection of Personal Information Bill. From it you can tell at a glance that:

  • the definitions of “personal information” and “processing” are important
  • the Regulator is going to play a big role in the enforcement of the Bill
  • The data subject and the responsible party are the key role players

You will find many word clouds on Online Legal…, especially in the guides to the various laws.

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