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POPI Update: Parliament delays POPI to 2016

Many people are waiting for confirmation of the POPI commencement date. For any project it is always helpful to know your deadline. Parliament and the Minister are yet to give us a clear indication of the POPI timeline. POPI became [...]

POPI update (12 September 2012)

After a many years of waiting, 10 drafts and countless hours of deliberation, the National Assembly finally passed POPI on 11 September.   The road until now After the Bill was first introduced, almost a decade ago, it is nearing [...]

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Current status of the PPI Bill

The PPI Bill or POPI was again debated by the the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Justice on 2 March 2010. Various issues were raised and debated.  The final section of the minutes read as follows: "The Chairperson expressed concern over [...]

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Privacy law fast tracked

The passing of South Africa's privacy law - the Protection of Personal Information Bill - has been fast tracked. The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development invites stakeholders and interested persons to submit written submissions on the Protection of [...]

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