Current status of the PPI Bill

//Current status of the PPI Bill

The PPI Bill or POPI was again debated by the the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Justice on 2 March 2010. Various issues were raised and debated.  The final section of the minutes read as follows:

The Chairperson expressed concern over the fact that the Committee was spending a lot of time on the Bill and it had to move on. The proposal was that Mr Ambrosini and Mr Jeffery would draft relevant provisions that would guide the Department. A sub-committee comprising Mr Ambrosini, Ms Smuts and Mr Jeffery would deal with all further aspects of the Bill.  Mr Jeffery said that anybody would be welcome to attend the meetings.

So, it appears that a sub-committee will deal with the further aspects of the Bill.  If the PPI Bill is going to have a major impact on you, then may you should consider taking up Mr Jeffries’ invitation.

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