Privacy: Index (Part 2)

//Privacy: Index (Part 2)

This is an index of the legal resources related to privacy (especially regards the workplace) from 2006 to 10 September 2009.

Electronic communications – email, entrapment, internet, SMS, tapping

Refer also to: Evidential aspects

Note: See “Code of Practice on the Protection of Workers’ Personal Data”

[ILO, Geneva, Meeting of Experts on Workers’ Privacy, Geneva 1-7 October 1996] published in (1997) 18 ILJ 26-55.

Grogan [EL (2004) 20/2 p9] discusses RICA, [Regulation of Interception of Communications & Provision of Communications-related Information Act 70 of 2002] which came into effect on 30 September 2005, and some related issues.

See also ECTA (Electronic Communications & Transactions Act 25 of 2002).

Warren Beech “The Right of an Employer to Monitor Employees’ Electronic Usage and other Recordings” (2005) 26 ILJ pp 650-660 discusses pre-RICA, being the Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act 127 of 1992, repealed with effect from 30 June 2008.


Constitutional Court

Magajane v Chairperson, NW Gambling Board (GF 6241) [Van der Westhuizen J, 8.06.2006]

2006 (10) BCLR 1133 & [2006] JOL 17821(CC)

Appeal allowed after leave granted – inspection an invasion of privacy – NW Gambling Act 2/2001 s65 invalid as it violated constitutional right to privacy.

High Court

Tshabalala-Msimang v Makhanya (GF 6712) [Jajbhay J, 30.08.2007] [2008] 1 All SA 509; 2008 (3) BCLR 338; 2008 (6) SA 509; [2007] JOL 20547 (HC-GSJ)

Medical records ordered to be returned to hospital – respondents to delete all copies of those records but not personal notes – discharged interim order preventing the respondents from further commenting on the records.

Labour Court

Corruseal Corrugated Gauteng (Pty) Ltd v Van Niekerk (GF 7835) [Cele J, 11.05.2009] [2009] JOL 23718 (LC)

Refused to confirm an interim Anton Piller type order on the return day – employee resigned on proper notice & took sick leave – alleged breach of employment contract relating to confidential information, etc – Anton Piller order granted and premises searched & documents removed – discretion when reconsidering confirmation of the order – order has to be executed with precision due to its invasive nature – significant departures resulted in refusal to confirm order .

Jafta v Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (GF 7139) [Pillay J, 1.07.2008] [2008] 10 BLLR 954; (2009) 30 ILJ 131; [2008] JOL 22096 (LC)

Upheld claim for contractual damages resulting from repudiation of contract by employer – offer of employment accepted by SMS – ECTA 25/2002 interpreted and applied – proof of loss – awarded damages of R166,336.07 for loss of past and future earnings and travelling expenses.

Journal Articles – 2007 onwards

Mischke, C CLL (2009) 18:07:61 – “Concluding an employment contract by SMS : Few words needed to conclude a binding contract” Jafta (LC) – GF 7139

Grogan, J LLSG (2008) 11:6 “Bound by SMS”- Jafta (LC) – GF 7139

Pistorius, Tanya  PER (2009) 1 “Monitoring, interception and Big Boss in the workplace: is the devil in the details?”

Hoffman, J SALJ (2007) 124:2:262 – “The meaning of the exclusions in s 4 of the Electronic Communications & Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA)”

Roos, A SALJ (2007) 124:2:400 – “Data protection: explaining the international backdrop and evaluating the current South African position”

Neethling, J SALJ (2008) 125:1:36 “Right to privacy, HIV/AIDS and the media defendants; The …”

Tladi, S SALJ (2008) 125:1:178 “Regulation of unsolicited commercial communications (spam): is the opt-out mechanism effective ?”

Van der Merwe, D THRHR (2007) 70:2:309 – “Information technology crime: a new paradigm is needed”

Slabbert, MN THRHR (2008) 71:1:81 “Genetic privacy in South Africa and Europe : a comparative perspective (2)”

THRHR (2008) 71:1:100 “Mobile and wireless devices : legal consequences for employees who do not meet the security promise”

Van Zyl, SP THRHR (2008) 71:2:222 “Sexual offences and the internet: are we ready for 2010?”

Watney, M TSAR (2007) 3:494 – The evolution of legal regulation of the internet to address terrorism and other crimes”

Le Roux, A TSAR (2008) 1:99 “Telemedicine : a South African legal perspective”

Journal Articles – 2006

Pistorius, T CILSA (2006) 39:02:178 – From snail mail to e-mail”

Alheit, K CILSA (2006) 39:02:265 – Delictual liability arising from the use of defective software”

Van Zyl, SP De Jure (2006) 39:01:127 – “An Employer’s Vicarious Liability with reference to the Internet and E-Mail”

Van Coller, EH De Jure (2006) 39:01:163 – “Transparency and Access to Documents: A General Principle of European Community Law?”

Van Jaarsveld, M De Jure (2006) 39:03:620 – “Words, words, words …more than just words in employment references?: some thoughts on the liability of employers for calamitous references”

Lewis, D ILJ(UK) (2006) 35:3:324-328 – ‘Whistleblowers, Reasonable Belief and Data Protection Issues”

Lawack-Davids, VA Obiter (2006) 27:1:174 – ‘The Internet and jurisdiction: lessons from the American Experience”

De Villiers, R SALJ (2006) 123:2:315 – ‘Computer programs and copyright: The South African perspective”

Lidovho, GJ SALJ (2006) 123:2:338 – ‘The internet and the piracy of copyrightable computer software in South Africa: some comparative perspectives”

Watney, M THRHR (2006) 69:2:227 – Regulation of internet pornography in South Africa (1)

Olivier, L THRHR (2006) 69:2:325 – The South African Revenue Service’s right to disclose confidential information to law enforcement agencies”

Watney, M THRHR (2006) 69:3:381 – Regulation of internet pornography in South Africa (2)”

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