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Is it possible to eSign or use an Online Signature?

People everywhere want to know if they can eSign or use an online signature to sign documents, and whether or not such electronic signatures really are important. They want to know about how the law recognises electronic signatures. They're asking [...]

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Guide to Advanced Electronic Signatures

Advanced electronic signatures are those electronic signatures which have ‘passed a test' or been accredited. Think of this as a type of "stamp of approval". Without it, certain electronic signatures will simply not be considered good enough to be used to [...]

Get an Advanced Electronic Signature

For a long time, many people wondered when it will be possible to get and use an advanced electronic signature. Well, they finally are a reality now, and the law even specifically requires you to use them, in some cases. [...]

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Electronic Signature of Credit Agreements

The electronic signature of credit agreements is problematic! Electronic signatures are taking off across all kinds of industries in South Africa. The credit industry is often an early adopter of emerging technologies - and electronic signatures are no exception. Credit [...]

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