Why IT Governance Risk and Compliance is Important

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IT governance risk and compliance is important to you and your organisation.We’ve all become dependent on information, communications and technology (often called ICT or IT). Our organisations use it to make money, improve the customer experience, manage employees effectively and to create efficiencies. We, in our individual capacities, use IT all the time – too much in many cases. How much time do you spend a day using a phone, tablet or computer? But IT has dramatically improved our lives – we can access so much information, which truly puts the power in our hands.

Ensuring Responsible Use of IT

But with the power that ICT gives us, comes responsibility. We need to govern IT, manage the related risks and comply with the related laws.

If you are the governance, risk or compliance officer, this responsibility falls on you.

We need to:

  • respect the privacy of employees and our customers
  • ensure our employees use IT in a productive manner
  • protect our organisation’s reputation online
  • prevent disputes or legal problems from arising
  • encourage our employees not to commit crimes using IT
  • protect the personal information of our customers and employees so thieves don’t steal their identity or money
  • ensure the organisation is safe from cyber criminals by stopping them from committing crimes against our IT (like crashing Internet banking)
  • ensure that contracts concluded electronically are binding
  • give others access to information to enable them to enforce their rights
  • monitor the online activities of others in a limited responsible way
  • protect your intellectual property in digital form
  • ensure that electronic evidence we have will carry evidentiary weight
  • manage your records and information as the law requires you to

These are all examples of why we need to practise good IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. This is what governance, risk, compliance, information and security officers do. What makes it hard is that the governance codes change often, different risks materialise and the law we have to comply with changes.

Attend a Practical IT Governance Risk and Compliance Workshop

This is why you should attend our practical IT GRC workshop. It is designed for people applying their knowledge to real issues in their organisations.

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