Online Awareness for Learners

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In today’s society people are spending more and more time online, be it for social activities (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), for study (Wikipedia or Google) or play (video gaming). While technology has progressed at a rapid pace, the law and societies social norms have lagged behind. Slowly though the law is starting to catch up, and with it there has a been an increase in people being sued for things they have done online. As a consequence people are starting to learn what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

We offer a presentation on online awareness, aimed at high school learners that will make them aware of the very real consequences of their online actions. We believe in protecting people from harm, especially children. This presentation will help to stop learners from harming themselves and others.

We have presented to many schools around the country over a period of many years

  • Learners will have a good understanding of how they should behave online, and why it is important.
  • Learners will have a basic understanding of copyright law, why it is important and the negative effects of piracy.
  • Learners will understand how to reference properly and why it is important to reference.

We have not yet set dates for our next public workshops.

If you’d like to attend a public workshop on this topic but we have not yet set dates (or the location or dates don’t suit you), send us an email asking us to set a date in your city. One delegate costs R4,312 ex VAT. Two or more delegates qualify for a 10% discount. We will serve lunch and refreshments. We limit delegate numbers, so bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. We aim to give practical insights that you can use to be effective. We do not give law lectures! We will refund you if you do not think you received value.

We also offer tailored private events that can be held at your premises on a day that suits you.

  • Appropriate behaviour online and the legal implications of bad online behaviour
  • Online defamation
  • Privacy settings on social media platforms and why they are important
  • Cybercrime – how not to commit them and what to do if you are a victim
  • The basics of copyright and how it relates to pirating
  • What plagiarism is and how to reference properly
  • School and University Learners aged 13 and older – The talk is ideal for any learners in high school who actively use computers and technology at school or at home.
  • Teachers – While the talk is aimed at learners, teachers will get some valuable insight into what the issues of interacting online are and how they can help mold their learners behaviors.
  • Parents – Parents need to know how their children should behave online and bring these teachings into the home.

The talk is designed to be highly interactive with the audience, with QR codes embedded into the presentation to allow students to have access to source material during the presentation. Questions from the learners are highly encouraged and the talk will naturally shift its focus to the topic that the learners engage with the most. Learners will be given a summary of the talk to take away.

  • We have significant practical experience dealing with these specific areas.
  • Our sessions are interactive – you are able to ask questions, have your specific issues dealt with, and influence what gets discussed.
  • Our sessions are tailored to the attendees – we ask you questions in advance so that we know what your issues are and your existing level of knowledge.
  • You are able to network with other people at the event.
  • We do not give sales pitches, which is unfortunately so often what speakers do at conferences.
  • We provide insight and simplify the issues, which can only be done after practically applying POPI to real business issues.
  • We empower you and do not try to entrench ourselves in your organisation.
  • The topic gets covered more comprehensively when one person leads the discussion for a day, rather than many different people covering the same ground. It is not different people covering the same issues superficially in different ways.
  • We cover the same ground in one day, rather than two. This saves you time and money. We tell you what you need to know, not everything.

Kevin Hoole is currently helping many schools implement social media programs, from drawing up social media polices to educational talks to staff, learners and parents.

We provide this course in different formats. Public and private sessions can last for anything from 45 minutes, half a day or a full day. We also provide eCourses that can be done via the Internet at your convenience. We welcome enquires for more information and details.

Our public events are at various venues around the world. We choose venues that are central and easy to get to, that have adequate parking, good food, and that ensure you are comfortable. We are also happy to give the Social Media workshop or executive briefing at your venue.