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Nicholas Hall is one of the attorneys at Michalsons. You can read his articles below or find out more about him.

Return of Goods under the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa

When can a consumer return goods under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in South Africa? In this article, we look at when a consumer can return goods and explain how we can help suppliers of goods or services (for example [...]

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Game Monetization and the Law

Game monetization is a tricky business. In the modern market, where casual games have become simpler than ever to produce and distribute over the internet, control over the monetization of your casual game is an exciting power to have. But [...]

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Effective Date for R and D Tax break for Software Developers

Earlier in the year we blogged about the new R&D tax break available for Software Developers. In terms of the Tax Laws Amendment Act people would be able to start applying for the tax deduction from 1 April 2012, unless [...]

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Product Liability for Damage caused by Goods

If you sell defective goods or products, you may be responsible for the harm anyone suffers. This is called product liability. You might have to pay for all of it, even if it was not your fault. You cannot limit this [...]

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"Grey" Goods under the Consumer Protection Act

"Grey" goods or parallel imports, are goods that have been imported into a country through unofficial or unauthorized distribution channels. Grey goods are not illegal. But because they have not been imported through official channels, if the good breaks, the official supplier will refuse [...]

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Consumer Protection Act – Size Matters

The Consumer Protection Act will not apply to transactions where the "consumer" is a juristic person (company or a CC) where that juristic person has annual turnover OR asset value over a 'certain value'. The Department of Trade and Industry have [...]

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Consumer Protection Act postponed

On 23 September 2010 the Minister of Trade and Industry officially postponed the general effective date (the date that the Act will come into effect) of the Consumer Protection Act from 24 October 2010 to 31 March 2011. This was the last [...]

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Hyper-linked email disclaimers coming to an end?

It is an all too familiar sight to see emails ended with a lengthy disclaimer, often in tiny text, and if the email thread is very long, it could be repeated multiple times making the thread incredibly (and unnecessarily) long. [...]

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