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Doing business online can be difficult. Whether you’re running an online store, marketplace, or service – there’s lots to think about, but you’ve only got so much time and money available. So, you often end up setting legal issues aside to be dealt with later (or not at all). They seem so complicated. But, ignoring legal issues like electronic transactions, consumer rights, and privacy can get you into trouble. Also, dealing with legal issues like customer and supplier relationships, structuring your business, and intellectual property can give you the edge over your competitors. Plus, legal issues can be quite simple – once you’ve got the right information. We can give you appropriate legal advice for your online business to help you stay out of trouble and get ahead of your competitors. We offer a legal boot camp in the form of a workshop focusing on this. Find out what you didn’t know you needed to know about doing business online – and make it easy!

Here’s are the hi-lights from a condensed version of the workshop that we did for Shopstar, a South African online platform where you can create your own online store:

What are the issues?

  • You could supply faulty goods or provide unsatisfactory services and your customers could try and hold you liable for the harm they cause
  • Your customers could try and return goods or cancel services, and demand replacements or their money back
  • You could market to people without their consent and face liability for unsolicited electronic communications
  • You could breach your customers’ privacy and suffer reputational damage, lose customer loyalty, be liable for damages, or be fined or jailed
  • Your relationships with your customers or suppliers could break down and you could get into disputes or lose business
  • You could structure your business badly and fail to protect your assets or struggle to sell your business
  • You could fall out with your business partners and lose control of your business
  • You could mismanage your intellectual property and not benefit from it

How do you benefit?

How does it work?

The session is very interactive and we work with you to help you complete our Legal Checklist for your Online Business, which you get for free as part of the workshop.

Who should attend?

  • Online store owners (e-tailers) – anyone who sells goods to customers over the Internet
  • Online marketplace operators – anyone who brokers goods transactions between buyers and sellers or service transactions between customers and service providers over the Internet
  • Online service providers – anyone who provides a service to customers over the Internet
  • Established online businesses – anyone who has been trading online for some time and has realised that they should learn more about the law that affects their business
  • Startup online businesses – anyone who is planning on trading online and wants to come up with a plan to do it effectively in terms of the law

Public workshops

We run public workshops in JohannesburgCape Town, and Durban from time to time. Please contact us if you would like to attend one by clicking here.

The workshop costs R1700 per person excluding VAT. Your seat is booked once you have paid your invoice. We limit the number of delegates to keep the workshop personalised, so bookings are first come – first served. We will refund you, if you do not think you have received value.

Who is the presenter?

David Luyt is law-of-technology attorney. He understands online business and is an expert on the law that relates to it. He is a legal adviser for various:

  • Online stores selling physical goods – like electronics, jewellery, and memorabilia
  • Online stores selling digital goods – like ebooks, music files, and downloadable software
  • Online marketplaces for goods – like handmade products and second-hand items
  • Online marketplaces for services – like transport and micro-tasking
  • Online services operating over the Internet – like hosting solutions and electronic signature platforms

How long is it?

The workshop has a running time of approximately four hours (about half a day).


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.

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