Data Protection Impact Assessment (High-level)

///Data Protection Impact Assessment (High-level)
Data Protection Impact Assessment (High-level)2019-03-06T10:53:27+02:00
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By completing this data protection impact assessment questionnaire, we’ll be able to assess:

  1.     the impact of applicable data protection laws (like the POPI Act and GDPR) on your organisation, and
  2.     the best way forward – what action will meet the requirements of your organisation.

Based on the information you provide, we’ll either send you an email with next steps to take or set up a data protection impact assessment call with you to discuss. We respect your privacy. For more see our Privacy Policy.

Jump right in. (It will take you about 4 minutes to complete).

Data Protection Impact Assessment Questionnaire (High-level)

  • What is your email address? We need this to link your answers to you.
  • We need your phone number to contact you to should we need to schedule a follow up call.
  • What is the full legal name of your organisation?
  • What is your organisation's main activity? For example, direct marketing, logistics or medical aid.
  • What do you think the impact of data protection laws is on your organisation?
  • Have you previously attended a Michalsons Data Protection Awareness Workshop?
  • What do you estimate the turnover of your organisation per annum to be?
  • Do you process any of the following​ special personal information of others?
  • Do you process any account numbers that enable people to access their own funds or credit facilities?
  • Do you process the personal information of children?
  • How many customers does your organisation have?
  • What type of customers does your organisation​ have?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Do you process health related information about your employees?
  • How many do you​ have?
  • What role do you primarily play for your most important activities?
  • If you're not sure, click to work out who is responsible for data protection for your activity.
  • How many entities process personal information​ for you?
  • In which countries​ are you established? For example, have a registered entity.
  • Do you offer goods or services to people in the EU?
  • Do you monitor the behaviour of people in the EU?
  • Do you transfer personal information across​ borders?
  • What steps have you already taken to comply with POPI? Has your organisation embarked on a POPI compliance project already?
  • Are you the person responsible for data protection compliance in your organisation?
  • Which option best describes how you currently think you'd like to comply with data protection laws?
  • Has your organisation delegated the responsibility of the data protection (information) officer to someone?