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  • Legal Language: Plain and Simple

Plain legal language has become a very important topic. Our current reality is complex law – too many complex laws and legal documents that are virtually impossible to understand. To be blunt – many lawyers and in-house legal advisors can’t draft or write. But it is not their fault. They are the product of a legal system that taught them to draft in legalese. We went through the same system and had to find our own way from legalese to plain language. We can help people to change their mindset, understand why plain legal language is so important and get bitten by the plain language bug. Once bitten, there is no going back.

We offer a seminar, webinar, presentation or executive briefing on this topic presented by an expert with practical experience. This is a short session that is normally only about 45 minutes long. If you want to tackle this topic in more detail, you’ll be interested in our iLEXplain: Plain legal language workshops.

  • Get bitten by the plain language bug by looking at examples of beautiful legal writing.
  • Break down barriers you may have to plain language by knowing that there are no objections.
  • Assess how the plain language movement impacts your organisation by looking at examples of how it affects many.

We have not yet set dates for our next public events.

If you’d like to attend a public presentation on this topic but we have not yet set dates (or the location or dates don’t suit you), send us an email asking us to set a date in your city. Two or more delegates qualify for a 10% discount. We will serve lunch and refreshments. We limit delegate numbers, so bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. We aim to give practical insights that you can use to be effective. We do not give law lectures! We will refund you if you do not think you received value.

We also offer tailored private events that can be held at your premises on a day that suits you. You may also be interested in attending a Legal Language: Plain and Simple webinar.

If you want to be introduced to this topic, this is the training for you. If you want more detail and to actually learn how to draft in plain legal language, our full day workshop is a better option.

We’ll give you our presentation and looks of key insights.

  • Legal advisors (corporate lawyers or in-house lawyers) – to understand plain legal language
  • Compliance officers – to effectively comply with plain language laws
  • Managers – to manage the documentation regards their products or business
  • CAEsauditors and assurance providers (internal and external) – to audit and provide assurance regards plain language
  • CROs and Risk Managers – to manage risks regards complicated language

The workshop is not suitable for consumers.

  • We have significant practical experience dealing with plain legal language.
  • Our sessions are interactive – you are able to ask questions, have your specific issues dealt with, and influence what gets discussed.
  • Our sessions are tailored to the attendees – we ask you questions in advance so that we know what your issues are and your existing level of knowledge.
  • We do not give sales pitches, which is unfortunately so often what speakers do at conferences.
  • We provide insight and simplify the issues, which can only be done after practically helping organisation switch to plain language.
  • We empower you and do not try to entrench ourselves in your organisation.
  • We tell you what you need to know, not everything.

practical attorney from Michalsons. We will ensure the attorney is the best person to present the course depending on the type of course, the date, the specific issues and the attendees. For example, Andrew Weeks often presents on this topic. He is a practical and internationally experienced commercial attorney, with specific expertise in plain legal language and consumer protection law. He is a fanatical plain language lawyer who drafts, edits and audits a wide range of agreements and other legal documents using plain language principles. He enjoys educating clients and colleagues about plain language.

We provide this course in different formats and it is usually about 45 minutes.

Our public events are at various venues around the world. We choose venues that are central and easy to get to, that have adequate parking, good food, and that ensure you are comfortable. We are also happy to give the Legal Language: Plain and Simple workshop or executive briefing at your venue.