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We do some of our legal training as legal webinars. Webinars enable you to get up to speed quickly with bite-sized chunks of information from the comfort of your office or home. They are usually no longer than 45 minutes and deal with a particular topic. Our webinar mechanism allows us to do things that a live presenter in a physical environment cannot. We offer both live webinars and recorded ones that you can watch at a time that suits you.

We’ve been presenting legal webinars since 2009, so we know about the dynamics and the ways people behave when behind a computer. And we understand the speakers challenges in sharing ideas and knowledge this way.

A legal webinar is a live, interactive online legal seminar.

Our Upcoming Public Webinars

You can also book legal training we are currently offering or learn more about our legal training.

The Benefits of Legal Webinars

Using legal webinars to offer training saves money and offers a better experience. Just think about a typical training scenario. You (and your team) have to gather somewhere. That needs space, most often hired. Then there is the opportunity cost of each person being away from their desk for that period. The presenter often needs to commute in from somewhere far away. Then add in the snacks, parking and effort to arrange. A Webinar gives you the same results with better retention and much less effort from all involved. No flights, no carbon emissions, just simplicity.

  • You save money because the live training is only as far away as your computer is
  • You don’t have to fly people around, nor arrange venues, nor hire audio kit and projectors, nor provide snacks and coffees
  • You gain the knowledge more easily
  • You save the planet because we have an almost zero carbon footprint
  • We can deploy to your staff all over the country (or world)
  • We can choose a date and time that suits you, even if that happens to be a really bad time to reserve venues
  • They are reliable and we have yet to experience an outage whilst training is in progress

So, how do legal webinars work?

Simple. Just before the event starts you click on a link that we’ve emailed you. That loads a small piece of software that allows us to broadcast the seminar direct to your PC. You can hear your presenter and see their screen as if they were sitting on your desk. Even though the Internet can be a little slow sometimes, we’ve been testing it for months, and found it works more than well enough. And you’re secured by our simple no-risk, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

What do you need?

All you need is:

  • A computer running either Windows or Mac OS X;
  • Internet access that is 1mbps or better (just about any 3G or ADSL link will be just fine);
  • A microphone headset, no matter how cheap, will greatly enhance your experience.

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