Top IT Legal Risks

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There are many IT legal risks and many of them have serious consequences. Some are old, but there are many new ones that are coming due to new laws that are in the process of being passed. Why does IT GRC matter? What could happen if you don’t:

  • practice good IT governance,
  • govern IT risks,
  • comply with IT laws?

We offer a seminar, workshop, webinar or executive briefing on the subject. Get up-to-speed quickly. We are currently covering this content in our one day Practical IT GRC Law Workshop.


  • Know the risks to your organisation and be aware of the consequences
  • Identify the biggest risk to your organisation
  • Take steps to avoid the legal risks
  • Find out how to govern (including manage) risks using a framework

“Legal experts were brilliant” delegates at an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance conference

What do we cover?

  • What are the top IT legal risks at the moment, including examples of where these risks have materialised
  • Especially the ones that relate to POPI and the protection of personal information
  • What are the consequences
  • The different kinds of risks – IT Risks vs IT Legal Risks
  • Contractual, delictual and criminal risks
  • Take home points and Action items

Who should attend? Why should they be aware of IT Legal Risks?

  • Directors (executive and non-executive, CEOs and FDs) – to discharge their legal duties and direct the course of the organisation
  • CAEsauditors and assurance providers (internal and external) – to audit and provide assurance regards IT
  • CROs and Risk Managers – to address IT legal risks
  • CIOs and IT Managers – to manage IT
  • IT Operators – to ensure that IT operates
  • IT Security officers – to secure IT
  • Information (protection) officers – to balance access to information and protection of personal information
  • IT Governance officers and specialists – to govern IT
  • Compliance officers – to effectively comply with IT laws
  • Consultants – to advise and provide solutions on IT related issues
  • Legal advisors (corporate lawyers or in-house lawyers) – to provide good legal advice on IT issues
  • Attorneys and advocates – to provide good legal advice on IT issues

Who is the presenter?

John Giles, Partner, Michalsons Attorneys. John is an information, communications and technology (ICT) lawyer. He has 10 years of experience applying his knowledge to organisations to help them grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes. He is a member of the King III™ IT Governance Sub-Committee.  He is currently helping many organisations comply and consider IT laws, rules, codes and standards and address IT legal risks.  John finds the best board meetings to be in a suit in the surf.

How long is it?

It depends on the format – anything from 30 minutes to four hours.

What does it cost?

Please email us asking for a quote.


The webinar is online. It is live, so you can ask questions to make sure that you get the information you are looking for. If you want a personal in-house seminar at your offices, please contact us and we will send you a quote.