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We offer an IT Legal Audit (or an ICT Legal Audit). It is an audit to check that you comply with IT Laws. There are many good reasons to do and benefits to be gained by doing an IT Legal Audit. It essentially serves to highlight IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) issues across a wide variety of business areas, all of which need to be mitigated and addressed. It is a type of compliance audit.

The building blocks of the IT Legal Audit

We have grouped the issues under the main categories set out below:

  • Access to Information
  • Electronic Communications
  • Electronic Transactions
  • Information management
  • Information Security
  • Intellectual Property
  • IT Goods and Services
  • IT Governance
  • Media (Web sites and social media)
  • Monitoring
  • Privacy and protection of personal information (POPI)

Our Approach to an IT Legal Audit

At a high level, we follow the following approach for conducting the audit:

  1. We assess where you (especially your IT environment) currently are – we do this by assessments and questionnaires – having done this for many years now we know what questions to ask.
  2. We determine the IT laws that apply to your organisation – identify risks and threats
  3. We then determine the gap between your reality and your compliance – by conducting a gap analysis and risk analysis
  4. We then recommend solutions that you can implement in order to comply – an Action Plan

The Deliverables

The deliverable is an IT Legal Audit Report that includes:


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