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We can conduct a website legal audit for you on your website to ascertain the extent to which your website complies with applicable law. Some people call it a website legal and compliance review but we prefer just calling it a website legal audit. This is different to where we do a review of a particular automatic or electronic process. Often they are related because a website may have one or more automatic or electronic processes but it is more extensive.

How you benefit from a website legal audit

  • Get investment by building the confidence investors have in your organisation.
  • Grow your business by building the trust that both visitors and customers have in your organisation.
  • Manage risks associated with the website and regulate the relationship with visitors to the website. Avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes.
  • Manage the contractual relationship with customers to the extent that it is appropriate.
  • Comply with our regulatory compliance obligations.
  • Avoid fines and imprisonment by complying with the laws related to the website.
  • Follow best practice.

The legal issues we focus on

We focus on, amongst others, issues around:

  1. the design and development of the website (different issues flow from whether it was developed and designed in-house or by an outside advertising agency or website developer),
  2. copyright,
  3. the contractual terms – terms and conditions and privacy policies,
  4. so-called website “linking” and “framing”,
  5. trademarks,
  6. domain names,
  7. security,
  8. payment mechanisms,
  9. consumer protection, and
  10. the processing of personal information – privacy and data protection.

We review the website (including the current terms and conditions and privacy policy) and perform a GAP analysis where we assess the extent to which your organisation is “compliant” with applicable law.  We often have to ask various questions to gather additional information related to the website that we require to conduct the audit. Where necessary, we recommend solutions which would ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and implement best practice where sound business practice, rather than a legal requirement, dictate that the risk be managed.

A practical report that translates into action

The deliverable is a written website legal audit report.  The audit report includes a table setting out:

  • The compliance or risk issue
  • Our observation or the current status
  • Whether the website is compliant or not
  • Whether there is a risk or not
  • Our suggested recommendation or control

The report also includes an action plan to ensure that the audit results in action being taken that adds value to the website and the website owner.


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