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A Social Media Audit will establish the current state of affairs regards social media and your organisation, and give you an action plan of what practical steps you need to take. Social Media has established itself as a valuable tool for promoting and building an organisation’s brand online. Just as social media can be a boon for your business, it can also be its bane. Social Media is characterised by a distinct lack of control of the conversation, especially when compared to more traditional means of marketing. But it is this exact element that makes it so powerful; natural, unsolicited and positive commentary about your brand will bring untold exposure and growth.

So, legally speaking, what can you do to help get the most out of social media and govern its risks? Broadly speaking there are four key areas that you need to monitor:

  • What are people saying about you?
  • What are you saying about yourself ?
  • Your online identity.
  • Controlling the use of social media within your organisation.

A Social Media Audit

But how does one go about doing this? Conducting a Social Media Legal Audit can you help identify areas where you are exposed, as well as steps you can take to improve your position online.

  • Does your organization have its own twitter page, or facebook profile?
  • Have other people registered these profiles?
  • Do you have the governance framework properly established?
  • Do you have a policy in place to regulate how and when your employees may use social media?
  • How do your existing policies, codes, disclaimers, terms, or procedures deal with the issue?
  • What are the biggest risks that have arisen and what are you going to mitigate them?

Our Social Media Audit will answer these questions and more, and give you an action plan of what steps you need to take (including guidance on what technical measures you can take).


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