Thank you for your instruction

///Thank you for your instruction
Thank you for your instruction2019-01-15T09:42:47+02:00
  • Thank you

Thank you for instructing us. We really appreciate it. We take the trust you have placed in us to assist you seriously. We understand that your projects, matters or queries are important to you and usually urgent. We will treat them with the detailed attention and diligence they deserve.

We will start working on your matter as soon as we can and will do everything we can to deliver by the delivery date we have agreed. If we have not agreed on a delivery date, it usually takes us about 10 business days from the date you instruct us to deliver. If possible, we will give you the date on which we estimate we will be able to deliver. We always endeavour to understand your required timeframes so that we can prioritise effectively. Please let us know if we have not correctly understood your expectations on the delivery timeframe.

When we will deliver

We appreciate that you want:

  1. to know how long it will take for us to deliver and that you want regular status updates, and
  2. us to return your telephone calls and respond to your emails within a reasonably short period of time.

We aim to do great work, but great work takes time

We will always try to deliver as quickly as possible. But please bear in mind that:

  • We have a pool of hundreds of clients, who ask us to assist them at different times. Sometimes, many of them ask us to help them at the same time.
  • There are many factors we have to take into account in prioritising work. Sometimes we have to stop working on a matter to deal with another urgent matter that requires immediate attention.
  • When you instruct us most of our attorneys already have a week’s worth of work in their workflow waiting to be done.
  • Often your work requires the specialist skills of one of our specific attorneys and it is not possible to recruit more quickly.
  • Our attorneys travel a lot, and facilitate many live workshops and meetings. We might not be able to take or return your call immediately.
  • We’re humans who need to sleep and eat.

Communication is key

  • If we cannot deliver on the estimated date, we will let you know and give you a new estimated delivery date.
  • We will try to anticipate anything (like answers to questions or documents) we might need in advance.
  • We will be transparent and let you know if we are having difficulties.
  • If you struggle to reach a specific attorney, please call (0860 111 245) or email our support desk.