The fees we charge

//The fees we charge
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We aim to always provide cost effective legal services that are value for money. We are flexible on fee structures and billing methods, and are happy to discuss and agree on something that suits you. Our fees are based on the value we provide, not the work we do. We are transparent with how we calculate our fees and the progress of a matter. We are also happy to agree a retainer or a subscription. We prefer to determine the work we will do and the fee we will charge upfront to enable you to make an informed decision and to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We are sensitive to your financial circumstances and accept that it is our responsibility to guard against inefficiencies and to align our legal fees.

We believe that alternative billing structures (such as fixed fees) are a more efficient means of billing than hourly rates. We are happy to quote fixed price fees (where the scope of our engagement is clearly defined). We are also prepared to quote fees on a per project basis, provide volume discounting, and risk or reward structures where appropriate. With us, there is a no surprises approach to fees, once we have agreed a fixed price or an estimate we will report against that regularly.

We only charge for the value we add. We are transparent, no surprises.

We prefer fixed fees

We prefer to provide services for a fixed fee provided we know what you need and have agreed the scope of work. Once we know what you need, we will give you a simple quote that will describe:

  • what we will do or provide, and
  • what our fee will be.

We assume you will provide us with the information we need to provide the service within the timeframes we agree and we will have access to the people we need to speak to. We may charge additional fees if there are delays or other unanticipated problems that are beyond our control.

A fee based on the time we spend

Where we cannot determine the scope of our services, we charge a fee based on the time we spend. Whenever possible, we are happy to provide estimates (not a fixed fee) of our fees for our services prior to beginning our work. We agree bills with our clients before submission and can provide very detailed breakdowns of work carried out where required. Our hourly rates are competitive and because we have the expertise to use a smaller number of lawyers to resource work, total cost per project is often much lower than our competitors. Time spent on each instruction will include (as examples only):

  1. meetings with you and perhaps others (either over the phone or face to face, including the time it takes to prepare a written record of the meeting), any time spent travelling, waiting, preparing and working on papers,
  2. making notes,
  3. letters, emails, faxes in and out, making and receiving telephone calls,
  4. research (including surfing any websites); and
  5. time spent on customising templates and the preparation of any detailed changes to any documents we prepare.

In addition to the time spent, we may take into account a number of other factors. These include the complexity of the issues, the speed at which action must be taken or the expertise or specialist knowledge which the case requires. These factors would normally be taken into account in any fee estimate. We record time in “units” of six minutes each so that there are ten units in an hour. We may “round-up” time of less than six minutes to treat it as one “unit”. Please contact us for our current hourly rates.

Expenses are included

Our fees include normal expenses or disbursements (like telephone, bandwidth, fax, copying, local travel, stationery and printing costs as well as the costs of the compulsory storage of your files), unless we agree otherwise. Our fee do not include extra-ordinary fees (like Court fees, stamp duties and counsel’s fees and other experts and (patent and trademark) search fees, and the cost of travel by aeroplane, car hire and hotel accommodation). We will consult with you (and get your approval) before incurring these expenses.

VAT is excluded

Our fees exclude VAT.