Our Use of Technology

///Our Use of Technology
Our Use of Technology 2017-12-07T07:00:58+00:00

We love technology and are big fans of Software as a Service and on-demand hosted solutions.

To provide legal services more efficiently, we use technology. We:

  • draft (voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking)
  • ensure confidentiality and security (using electronic signatures)
  • find information using search tools
  • inform and stay in contact (using iContact)
  • share information using social bookmarking tools

We use the technology that our clients would like us to use. For example, we:

  • communicate (using Internet telephony (such as Skype) and email)
  • meet (using GoToMeeting)
  • collaborate and manage projects (using Basecamp, Slack or Trello)
  • share using secure and customised portals (such as SharePoint and Google Apps) and extranets
  • inform using information services
  • bill electronically (using FreshBooks)

There are many options. Please let us know your requirements, so that we can pick the most suitable technology to add maximum value.