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Computing in the cloud, including Software as a Service.

Cloud Compliance: What you need to know

Cloud compliance is about complying with the laws and regulations that apply to using the cloud. Most organizations are moving to the cloud because there are good business reasons to do so. The law does not prevent the adoption of [...]

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Cloud contracts regulate the relationship between user and provider

Cloud contracts are essential for organisations using the cloud. Cloud computing is where an organisation or individual uses remote servers that are hosted on the internet to manage, store and process data. The role of technology in business operations is [...]

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Data Localization Laws around the World

Data localization laws are essentially laws that require data to be processed within a particular territory or location. For example, storing locally - either in a particular country or in a local computing environment rather than in the cloud. There are [...]

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Why the Microsoft Ireland Case is Important?

The Microsoft Ireland case considered whether the US government could compel Microsoft to give it access to Hotmail emails it holds on its server in Ireland. Could a US Government search warrant compel Microsoft to retrieve emails it holds on [...]

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EU Cybersecurity Rules

New EU Cybersecurity Rules have been approved. The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers have agreed on the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) that will tackle cybersecurity in the European Union. It has an impact on critical service companies [...]

Five key Privacy Issues in South Africa

This is a short discussion of five topical privacy issues and how the law regulates them in South Africa. South Africa is about to enact a data protection law similar to what most countries have. It will be called the [...]

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