Cloud contracts are essential for organisations using cloud services. Cloud computing is where an organisation or individual uses remote servers that are hosted on the internet to manage, store and process data. The role of technology in business operations is growing all the time and organisations need cloud contracts to manage cloud services.

The cloud has greater flexibility and storage capabilities and can be a more cost-effective storage method than a local server or personal computer. Your contracts need to be drafted to maximise these benefit and to meet legal compliance requirements.

Why do you need cloud contracts?

If your organisation is using the cloud to manage, store or process personal information then it is vital that you understand cloud compliance. Cloud compliance needs to cover data protection requirements and these should be clearly set out in your cloud contract.  The parties involved need clear, compliant  contracts that outline the responsibilities of each of the parties in respect of data protection and cloud compliance. Cloud contracts are an important element of the IT contracts in your organisation.

We have developed a unique guide to using the cloud, cloud computing and how to manage your cloud contracts. The guide is tailored your organisation’s needs and will take you from the basics to the more technical areas. It is an essential tool if you are using cloud services in your organisation.

Actions you can take

  • Find out all the necessary information on cloud contracts and compliance by enquiring with us about our guide.