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The Practical Impact of the Cybercrimes Bill on You

The Cybercrimes Bill will have a significant impact on many organisations and individuals. Unfortunately, the impact is mostly negative and frankly scary. Correctional services are going to have to build more prisons to lock up everyone who commits a cybercrime. Few people [...]

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The Cyber Crime Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament

Whatever you choose to call it, you need to know that the Cyber Crime Bill (or the Cybercrime Bill) is well on its way to becoming law. The Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament. The 2017 version that Cabinet has [...]

What is a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII)?

You may be wondering whether you have anything that can be declared a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). It's an interesting question. You might well have CII. What does this mean for you? What are the practical consequences? What falls within the definition [...]

Cybercrime Bill is necessary, but not in current form

The Cybercrime Bill is a bill (draft law) that has been published for comment. Its full name is the Cybercrimes Bill. The Cybercrime Bill is necessary, but not in its current form. We need to protect the people of South [...]

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