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Lisa Emma-Iwuoha
Lisa Emma-IwuohaAssociate

An overview

Lisa Emma-Iwuoha is a capable and effective attorney and has experience dealing with clients in order to deliver exactly what they want in an effective manner.

University of Cape Town – Bachelor of Laws, 2009-2012

School for Legal Practice – January 2014 – June 2014

  • The law relating to information, communication and technology (ICT)
  • The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill (CAC)
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)
  • Robot law
  • RPAS, UAVs (drones)
  • The memorandum of incorporation and shareholders agreements – the things that regulate companies and the administration of companies
  • Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information (POPI)
In her free time Lisa enjoys sports, discovering new tech, travel, food and learning new languages.
Lisa is currently providing various practical ICT legal services including:

  • Commenting on the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill
  • Assisting in the drafting process for the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, particularly focusing on the impact the bill has on Electronic Communications and Service Providers (ECSPs) and Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs)
  • Helping various organisations comply with POPI
  • Investigating how POPI interacts with other laws including foreign privacy laws (e.g. GDPR)
  • Helping organisations comply with PAIA and their access to information obligations
  • Drafting PAIA manuals
  • Researching various ICT legal issues
  • Advising drone operators on compliance with the drone regulations
  • Dealing with issues in the emerging area of robot law