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Andrew Weeks is one of the attorneys at Michalsons. You can read his articles below or find out more about him.

What rights do service providers have to demand personal information?

Can service providers demand ID numbers, copies of ID books, and other personal information from consumers? What legal protection do consumers have? I was asked this question in a recent radio interview (see, John Maytham show 5.10pm, 4 June [...]

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The Right to be Forgotten in South Africa

The ‘right to be forgotten’ is a right to have personal data deleted, in particular from the world wide web. South African law does not explicitly recognise a general right to be forgotten. But some laws dealing with privacy, access [...]

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The Consumer Protection Act and Cell Phone Contracts

What is the impact of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) on cell phone contracts and the cellular industry? Many people are asking the question and articles are being written in the press. In this article, we answer some of the questions [...]

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