Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

//Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

Parliament has invited everyone to nominate five people for Parliament to appoint as members of the Information Regulator. Do you want to nominate someone? Do you know anyone who might want to nominate someone? Finding the right members is important to ensure we have an effective Regulator. The members will be appointed for five years. Considering that the nominations for information regulator must be before 14 August 2015, it seems likely that POPI will commence this year.

People have asked whether they can nominate us, but we’re not accepting nominations. We are passionate about protecting people from harm by protecting their personal information, but we believe we can currently make a greater contribution by helping organisations  practically and effectively comply with POPI.

Who can be a member of the Information Regulator

A person must:

  • be appropriately qualified
  • have expertise and experience relating to the objects of the Regulator
  • be fit and proper
  • be a citizen of South Africa

At least one member must have experience as a:

  • practising advocate or attorney, or
  • professor of law at a university.

This person will chair the Enforcement Committee. The Regulator will probably have two separate sections – one member for PAIA and one for POPI. One person will be the Chairperson and the other four will assist.

But most importantly, members must have a passion for protecting people from harm.

Possible actions for you to take

  1. Nominate someone
  2. Send this article to someone else you think might want to nominate someone
  3. Attend a workshop on POPI in Johannesburg (18 August) or Cape Town (6 August)
  4. Brief your executives on POPI
  5. Join the Michalsons POPI Compliance Program
  6. Subscribe to the Michalsons newsletter to receive future updates

How to nominate someone

Email your nomination to the Committee Secretary, Mr Vhonani Ramaano at [email protected] by no later than Friday, 14 August 2015 at 17h00. It must contain:

  1. your  full name
  2. your address or email address
  3. your contact details
  4. a signed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee, and
  5. a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The CV must include the nominee’s:

  • Full name, ID number and gender
  • Contact details (including physical address, telephone or cell number and email address)
  • Relevant previous experience (including relevant dates and organisations concerned)
  • Academic qualifications

Enquiries can be directed to Mr V Ramaano on tel: (021) 403-3820 or cell: 083 709 8427. The invitation was issued by Dr M Motshekga MP, Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services.

Who cannot be a member

  • Public servants
  • Members of Parliament, any provincial legislature or any municipal council
  • Office-bearers or employees of any political party
  • Unrehabilitated insolvents
  • Someone a court has declared to be mentally ill or unfit
  • Someone convicted of any offence involving dishonesty
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