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Information, communications and technology (ICT) law as it is commonly referred to in South Africa.

South African Reserve Bank vs Mark Shuttleworth

You may have heard the news regarding the recent Constitutional Court decision involving of South African Reserve Bank vs Mark Shuttleworth. It raises interesting questions for anyone who owns (or is thinking of starting) an IT business in South Africa. If [...]

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National Integrated ICT Policy: Discussion Paper

The National Integrated ICT Policy: Discussion Paper was published on 14 November 2014 by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services. Rapid changes in the ICT sector meant that the ICT framework needed to be updated. The review process for the [...]

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Compliance and IT – IT GRC FAQ

Wow, now that is a lot of acronyms in one heading. Let me explain. We often get asked the same frequently asked questions (FAQs) about compliance and IT or the legal aspects of information technology (IT) governance, risk and compliance (GRC). So here are the [...]

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ECT Amendment Bill

The Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill 2012 (ECT Amendment Bill) has been published. A General Notice was published in the Government Gazette notifying people that the Minister of Communications intends to amend the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act). Deadline [...]

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Do you need to register as a Cryptography Provider?

You need to register as a cryptography provider if you provide encryption-related products and services or electronic-signature-related offerings. Cryptography and encryption present a challenge to security-conscious governments in that it allows you to conceal your message content from the authorities. [...]

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Effective Date for R and D Tax break for Software Developers

Earlier in the year we blogged about the new R&D tax break available for Software Developers. In terms of the Tax Laws Amendment Act people would be able to start applying for the tax deduction from 1 April 2012, unless [...]

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South African ICT Regulatory Hype Cycle

In 2005 we developed the South African ICT Regulatory Hype Cycle for an insurance company with Gartner. A hype cycle is a graphic representation of the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies. The term was coined by Gartner. [...]

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