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When it comes to startup law or the legal aspects of a startup, a very different approach is required. The laws might be the same, but the way they are applied and complied with are very different for startups. The legal risks or the legal aspects are just one of the many aspects to a startup. The legal aspects are rarely the reason for failure so there is no point spending all the capital on legal. The most important thing when starting up is to ensure you have a viable business.

We’re not saying the law is not important. It is, especially for new a business that is closely aligned with the law or solves a compliance problem. There is also obviously no point in starting a business that is unlawful.

Startup lawyers understand startups

This is why you need a startup lawyer. Someone who knows the challenges a startup faces. Knows that they are often looking for lean legal or lean law. Startups need the minimal viable legal protection, to go with their minimal viable product.

What is startup law?

We can help in all phases of the startup process:

We help both entrepreneurs, and investors or venture capitalists. Essentially, we help you to grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties or disputes.


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