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The people who instruct us to help them are diverse. We focus on specific areas for many people. We have over two thousand clients. Interacting with interesting, intelligent and knowledgeable people is one of the reasons why we practise law. Without our clients we would not exist, so thank you.

The people who instruct us and why?

  • Legal advisors (corporate lawyers, general counsel or in-house lawyers) – to provide good legal advice on ICT issues
  • Compliance officers – to effectively comply with ICT laws
  • Information (protection) officers – to balance access to information and protection of information
  • Information Security officers – to secure ICT
  • IT Governance officers and specialists – to govern ICT
  • Directors (executive and non-executive, CEOs and FDs) – to discharge their legal duties and direct the course of the organisation
  • Entrepreneurs (internet and technology) – to start and build ICT businesses
  • CAEs, auditors and assurance providers (internal and external) – to audit and provide assurance regards ICT
  • CROs and Risk Managers – to manage ICT risks
  • CIOs and IT Managers – to manage ICT
  • IT Operators – to ensure that ICT operates
  • Consultants – to advise and provide solutions on ICT related issues

What types of organisations?

Our clients include medium, and large enterprises (including listed companies). We also help many government departments, parastatals, public bodies, and non-profit organisations.

The organisations who use us and why?

  • ICT vendors (vendors of ICT goods or services)
    • to receive traditional legal services regards their organisation
    • to manage the legal relationship with their customers
    • to structure the organisation
  • Organisations that procure and use ICT (like banks and mines)
    • to receive traditional legal services regards their use of ICT
    • to manage ICT
    • to manage ICT risks
    • to govern ICT
    • to effectively comply with ICT laws
  • Internet companies – to receive traditional legal services regards the Internet, including online stores
  • Game and Digital Entertainment companies (both traditional and online) – to comply with the regulatory requirements
  • Media companies (including digital, new or social media providers, providers of Web2.0 applications and on-demand hosted services)
  • Marketing companies (including direct marketing) – to avoid legal problems, difficulties and disputes
  • Internet service providers – to receive traditional legal services on issues specific to them
  • Associations – to receive traditional legal services on an ICT topic on behalf of their members
  • Software Developers – to protect their IP and manage their relationships with their clients
  • Startups – to get going
  • Financial Services and Mining,
  • those in the FMCG industry,
  • Marketers,
  • Healthcare Providers and
  • Pensions Funds

Reference Sites

Michalsons respects the confidentiality of its clients and accordingly does not publish the names of clients it acts for as reference sites. Further, in terms of various rulings of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope, attorneys are not permitted to refer to the name of a client in their publicity or the public media unless the consent of the client has been obtained (rules 15.4 and