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Blockchain law is a rapidly emerging field of technology law. What are the legal implications? We are ledger lawyers (or blockchain lawyers) and can help you with the law regarding the blockchain. We understand what the blockchain is so you won’t have to educate us. In fact, we’re a bit obsessed with the potential for what the blockchain can achieve in society.

How we can help you in regard to blockchain law

What is the blockchain

For those who don’t yet know, blockchain technology, simply put, is a decentralised and distributed ledger technology. It allows for the storage and distribution of data in a secure and transparent way. The Blockchain acts as a platform that gives rise to new technological advancements, such as Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Other technologies that will use the Blockchain includes smart contracts. These are legal contracts that use the Blockchain to self-execute using an ‘if this then that’ logic. Blockchain will also have a huge impact on land information systems.


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Our experience

  • We have assisted a global digital currency company to comply with the data protection laws that apply to it
  • We have advised cryptocurrencies startups on a number of issues
  • We have advised blockchain companies on how to verify identify