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  • Domain disputes

We can help you with dispute resolution, that is, resolve a dispute that you have with someone about something. We only work on disputes about things that we know about. To resolve a dispute about software, requires someone who is an expert on software and the normal rights and responsibilities that exist. We have resolved many disputes in these specific areas.

  • Commercial, IT (like software ownership or software development projects gone wrong) and general tech disputes
  • Intellectual property rights disputes
  • Domain names disputes
  • Confidential information or trade secrets
  • Shareholding of a company
  • Money owed
  • Property (sectional title disputes, homeowners associations and leases)
  • Employment
  • Wills, estates and trusts
  • Governmental, defamation, religious and dispute system design (for example for disputes in low-cost housing)

We do not resolve disputes about topics we do not know well, for example divorce.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Litigation (and arbitration to an extent) is like war. There are no winners, except for maybe the lawyers. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves negotiation or mediation, and is almost always a better way to go. This is why we suggest that you include an ADR clause in virtually all agreements. Good contracts are also key in avoiding disputes.

Mediators and Mediation Services we Offer

We have trained, experienced expert mediators who are able to resolve disputes through independent mediation. Especially, disputes that involve both legal and technical IT issues. Mediation involves a third party trying to help the people in the dispute to find a solution. Court annexed mediation has become very important. We focus mainly on commercial mediations.


We assist clients through arbitration processes at forums like the Arbitration Foundation.

Labour Dispute Resolution

We have resolved hundreds of labour disputes. In particular, we help our client to save time and money by running better disciplinary hearings. They do not need to be conducted like a trial. We also resolve collective labour disputes.

Consumer dispute resolution

Suppliers of goods or services sometimes get into disputes with consumers. We’ve helped many clients both prevent and resolve consumer disputes.