Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the law in South Africa

//Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the law in South Africa
Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the law in South Africa 2017-12-07T07:00:57+00:00

Do you comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)? Are you addressing the risks related to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)? We offer the following Consumer Protection Act services in line with our view that compliance is a process. Each step leads to the next. If you are a consumer in need of protection, click here.

Awareness of the CPA (Step 1)

Be aware of the issues and applicable law. We can help you to be aware of and learn about consumer protection and the law that requires it. We do this by:

  1. Conducting practical workshops, seminars or training
  2. Providing online legal advice on consumer protection on this web site.
  3. Providing you with a book called The Consumer Protection Act Made Easy. The book will give you the background information that you need to know. It will reduce your overall cost of compliance.

We make you aware by applying our experience and knowledge to your specific circumstances.

Assessment (Step 2)

Assess, determine the gap, and find solutions. We can conduct a Consumer Protection Act readiness assessment to determine whether your organisation is ready for the Consumer Protection Act. It will be conducted by an experienced attorney (or a team of attorneys or other CPA consultants) with a detailed cross-departmental report and recommendations. You will receive a detailed report that states specially how ready your specific organisation is. It will customised for your specific circumstances.

We offer the following types of assessments:

  1. Readiness desktop analysis with informed officer (2-3 hours)
  2. Detailed assessment after interview with each section head
  3. Full role accountability mapping exercise incl. individual employees

Implement solutions (Step 3)

We can help you implement various solutions.  For example, we can:

  1. Review your documents to ensure that they comply with the Consumer Protection Act.
  2. Convert your legal documents into plain language.
  3. Make sure your promotional competitions comply with the Consumer Protection Act.
  4. Train your managers and people who actually deal with your customers on the CPA.
  5. Tell you what happens when a retailer displays the wrong price.

Review (Step 4)

We support you to review your situation on an ongoing basis and ensure that you continue to comply.

The benefits of us helping you to comply with the CPA

Our  consumer protection services will help you to:

  1. Identify the sections of the Consumer Protection Act that are relevant to you
  2. Determine the impact of the Consumer Protection Act on your business
  3. Focus on the activities that are critical to your business
  4. Prioritise your next steps
  5. Fast track your consumer protection compliance efforts
  6. Get clarity on where you are and where you need to be
  7. Determine the gap between your reality and compliance (usually a gap analysis)
  8. Find solutions to fill the gap – determining what solutions you need
  9. Help you determine if you need to pay the levy from the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud

Through our consumer protection services you either get assurance that you comply or we help you to find solutions to ensure that you comply.  We will also point you to material that you can read to get up to speed.

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